Olicon, Inc. proudly continues the longstanding tradition of the multidisciplinary “master builder.”  Since 1988, we have provided general contracting services to our clients on a wide range of project types.  More recently, as a design-build firm, we have acted as our clients’ developer, designer and builder in one, thus helping streamline construction projects by providing a single point of contact and accountability throughout the project.

Over the years, we have become experts in the field of healthcare construction, well-versed in the codes that govern the licensing of senior living and medical facilities, with nearly two decades of experience consulting for, designing, and constructing hospitals, surgical centers, Alzheimer and memory care units, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living units, independent living facilities, medical office buildings, and individual doctor and dentist offices.

Olicon practices S.M.A.R.T. construction, meaning we emphasize Sustainability, Multi-disciplinary service offerings, Accountability, Resourcefulness, and Teamwork in every project we undertake.  We are not just builders and contractors, and we are not just architects and consultants.  We are all of these disciplines, all under one roof.  Because of this, we can offer our clients a convenient array of services throughout their respective projects, including code research/consulting services, due diligence, facility assessments, conceptual and space planning, architectural/engineering design, and a full range of construction contracting services.

We value our clients, and we express this by passing value back to them.  For one, by our willingness to guarantee the maximum cost of the project, we ensure our clients always know what their costs will be.  In addition, by "fast-tracking" projects through streamlined operations and simplified project delivery methods, we help ensure a far more time-efficient process, one that is refreshingly without surprises.  And, by employing energy-efficient, sustainable designs and building methods as well as value engineering and quality assurance throughout the design process, our work brings about enduring value that will benefit our clients long after their projects are complete.