Our approach is founded firmly on the core values which set us apart in the construction industry – we call them S.M.A.R.T construction. More than just an acronym, S.M.A.R.T construction represents what you can expect whenever you choose to work with Olicon. Here’s what we mean:

We are committed to incorporating sustainable design features and construction methods into our process not only to minimize any negative impact our projects may have on the environment, but also to ensure projects that have enduring value to our customers.

Perhaps the most striking difference between Olicon and other contractors is our multi-disciplinary approach to service. We are an integrated design-build firm with architecture, engineering, and construction professionals on staff. We work together under one roof, and we communicate continually to anticipate problems and develop appropriate solutions.


As design-builders, Olicon remains accountable to clients throughout every phase of every project. We offer a wide range of pricing options that allow you to view project costs first hand. A full cost plus accounting can be arranged, if the client so desires. We also take responsibility for the entire design and construction process, providing you with a single point of contact. This means no surprises for you and no finger pointing.

We resolve challenges using a proactive approach. Our expert personnel can be relied on to identify problems as they arise, take the initiative to research available options, develop innovative approaches in conjunction with other members of the team, and implement the best solutions.

This means involving everyone associated with the project in the decision-making process, including both your team members and ours. Teamwork requires the expertise to lead different disciplines to collaborate in a positive and productive environment for each project. It also requires the humility to recognize that each team member brings a valuable skill set to the table and everyone's participation is crucial to a project’s success.