Traditionally, the “master builders” who constructed the world's classic architecture assumed total accountability for construction projects, from architectural design all the way through the building process.  More recently, however, this project delivery method has been supplanted by what is, ironically enough, called the "traditional" method, or the "design-bid-build" method, in which a building contractor bids on a project based on construction documents that an architect has already completed with little or no input from construction professionals.  Too often, the result is bids that exceed the budget and unclear or contradictory construction documents.  The ensuing "value engineering" process can devolve into a mere cost cutting exercise in which the architectural design integrity suffers as much as the Owner's pocketbook.

There is an alternative these days, though.  In the "design-build' approach, the construction process is simplified and returned to its roots.  As design-builders, Olicon offers a multi-disciplinary single source for all construction-related services.  This translates into multiple benefits for our clients, not the least of which are substantial savings in time and money.  In fact, it has been estimated that "design-build" has the potential to save customers 5 to 10% in hard costs and 20 to 30% in time on construction projects [1].

This is accomplished by integrating all design and construction skill sets under one roof, resulting in a streamlined process from conceptual design though the completion of construction.  This high level of integration virtually eliminates surprises during construction, allowing Olicon to guarantee the maximum cost on every “design-build” project while typically achieving an earlier completion date.  Offering a single, expert source on all aspects of design and construction saves our clients many headaches and makes for a far more enjoyable project development experience. 

[1] "Design-build alternative to regular bidding can save time and money," by Brad Carlson; Daily Record and the Kansas City Daily News-Press; May 26, 2006.