One of the first questions many Owners ask is something along the lines of, “How many units can I reasonably fit on this property (or in this building)?”  Olicon’s design team is adept at assessing even the most difficult sites and existing structures to determine how they can be developed to maximize the value in terms of space utilization, construction cost and marketability.  We understand that a workable conceptual or schematic design and a reliable cost estimate are critical to preparing an accurate development pro forma.


Reconfiguring interior spaces can be a real challenge.  We successfully balance function and aesthetics with costs, engineering issues and construction scheduling constraints.  With an on-staff engineer, we are able to assess the effect of the design on the mechanical and electrical systems and match the design to the existing building structure, and we also design with phasing in mind to minimize the effect of construction on your ongoing operations.

As a design/build firm, Olicon has a full service architecture division that is responsible for directing and/or producing a complete range of architectural and engineering services.  We have nearly thirty years of experience in healthcare architecture and engineering, in addition to our construction experience.

Olicon’s staff have been at the forefront of sustainable design, having both designed and constructed several projects that were required to meet strict green building standards.  In several cases, large grants were awarded, contingent upon certain local and national standards being met by both the design and the construction practices.  We design every facility to be healthy and energy efficient and emphasize recycling during both design and construction, including in our construction waste management.