Because of our long experience in heathcare, we are intimately familiar with the highly complicated nature of building codes and the disastrous consequences that can result from failing to meet their requirements.  We are recognized experts in building codes, the Life Safety Code, the ADA and similar accessibility standards, and State of Texas licensing standards for healthcare facilities.  We also maintain a sound working knowledge of a large number of peripheral codes promulgated by the National Fire Protection Association, including requirements for fire sprinkler systems, fire door and window assemblies and MEP and medical gas systems in healthcare occupancies.

In any development project, there can be unexpected issues that turn the project from profitable to infeasible.  Land use constraints, utility services, roadway access, wetlands requirements and asbestos abatement are just a few of the areas that must be assessed before committing to purchasing property for development.  Olicon has extensive experience in these types of issues and can help assemble a consultant team that will protect you without breaking your pocketbook.


We all know deferred maintenance is a common problem in older facilities.  Determining what needs to be done when and what it will cost, however, can be very difficult.  Olicon has for several years made a specialty of assessing existing multi-family and similar buildings and preparing maintenance plans and budgets, typically for an entire 20 year period.